Having spent my career in real estate I know a thing or two about houses and construction, and I want to compliment you on what you’ve built here. This is a terrific home! The layout is functional and convenient; the finishes are first-rate; there is just the right touch of drama to the space; and the construction itself is of very high quality. I find it remarkable that with a house this size, my 2012 gas and electric bill averaged just $148 per month. Moreover, everything works as intended. In the years that I’ve lived here, the only issues we had to deal with were a busted latch on the dishwasher and gravel in the sump pump! And just the other day, a young couple stopped by and asked if they could take pictures of the garage doors. They so admired them they wanted to match them when they built their own new home.

It’s easy for me to understand why you were selected to do the high-end projects you’re presently working. Best of luck to you going forward, and again, many thanks.

Tom Ryan

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